Sexual Fantasies For You

You Fantasy made flesh

  • If you have a particular service, fetish or fantasy you would like to act out with Style.
    ASK and Style will endeavour to make your fantasy a reality
  • You may notice there is a significant amount overlap between our Fantasy Scenario section and our Services section
  • We recommend you check on both topics to satisfy all of your desires
  • We’re extremely open-minded here so don’t be bashful with making requests. The worst possible scenario is that we might just pleasantly say ‘no’ and then offer an alternative
  • There is a good chance Style will say YES

As the Menus are so Delicious, many clients return for different encounters with Style.

If you read the Beginner BDSM guide you may also notice that many fantasies, even your own contain a touch of the BSDM spice.
Perhaps you would like to put pen to paper and describe your desires in a scenario which we can bring to life for you.

What is a Fantasy
Fantasy gives you an outlet for all of the wild, lustful things that you’ve always wanted to do. Do you have a particular fantasy you wish to explore? Let me know, I can make it a reality. Having sexual fantasies is an absolutely normal, even in your are in a fully satisfying relationship, its part of being a healthy sexual being.

In fact, a rich fantasy life can lead to better sex. Check out some of the fantasy scenarios. Don’t see your own fantasy here and believe it should be? Let me know! And remember, these are fantasies, women are allowed to dream, too.We’re extremely open-minded here so don’t be bashful with making requests. The worst possible scenario is that we might just pleasantly say ‘no’ and then offer an alternative.

What is Role Play Scenario?
Role play is where two or more people act out roles in a fantasy. The scenario may be anywhere from simple, light-hearted erotic fun to realistic, intense and emotionally charged. Role play is often used in conjunction with other BDSM related activities giving the session depth and direction. It is a fabulous way to escape from reality…you can become whatever character, animal or age your heart desires.
Feel free to Google to explore additional ideas for your Sexual Fantasy

What do you charge for Extras and Fantasies?
The Style Experience is all inclusive. Style does not charge for extras.  Style may ask for a deposit for your session if you fantasy or fetish requires a new or unique piece of equipment. The only cost you will ever incur is that of your time. Style desires for you to have the best experience imaginable. His Menu is designed especially for you to freely choose from.

How do I include Fantasies with my booking?
When you make your booking, you can either detail exactly what you agree wanting or you can ask for some suggestions. You will get all the help you will need to choose the Style Experience that best suits.
Remember, this experience is all about you: what you want and what you desire. This site is designed to fuel your imagination. Take your time, and let your mind wander.

What sort of fantasies can STYLE bring to my experience?
This begins with you letting your imagination run wild. Some clients have their own ideas, while some prefer to leave it up to Style.
Although Style is here to ensure that if you have any specific requests they are met, you may prefer, as many do, to leave your experience open to the Touch of STYLE.

To give you some insight and to light the fires of your imagination, I am giving you a tasty sampling

With style, you get to live out your fantasies

Private dancer
Most women wouldn’t have the nerve to strip in a public setting, but this fantasy definitely involves taking it all off. She loves the idea of tantalizing you with a striptease, and she’d love to give you a private lap dance. Why? His enjoyment tells her you find her attractive, and your erection tells her she has control — a potent combination that women simply can’t get enough of.

Nude Photography

Many women love being captured on film. The big turn on of this fantasy is to be the centre of attention of the photographers. Every year millions of women pay hundreds of dollars to have themselves photographed in semi-nude “glamour shots.” Some of the most beautiful erotic pictures created are taken of two naked women being together. They show innocence mixed with naughtiness, playfulness and femininity.  The great thing about technology is that now digital cameras don’t need film that needs to be developed. Your pictures can remain private.

Schoolgirl Fantasy

  • A school girl fantasy for women is to dress up and let go as the naughty girl.
  • Your teacher is here and such a stern man. It’s the deep voice and the commanding glare that gets you isn’t it?
  • Have you done your homework?
  • Are you looking to be punished for insolent behaviour?
  • Are you looking wear your school uniform again?
  • Is your skirt too short and your underwear too wet for class?
  • Well then you will need to be held back for detention. This is a fantasy to remember!
  • What would YOUR punishment be?
  • A spanking on the bottom?
  • Writing erotic lines or a sexual confession in the corner?
  • Having to walk through the park in your outfit?
  • Lets face it, the possibilities are endless with a fantasy about school girl dresses.

Fire and Ice: imagine the feeling of being bound and helpless, sightless with a black cloth covering your eyes. Your other senses intensified, the  conflicting sensation of a heated massager leaving glowing lines as it purrs across your naked skin,  the shivering sensation of an ice cube dripping frosty lines of freezing water  soaking down your flesh

Wet and Wild

  • A hot and steamy affair within the bathroom, shower or spa

Girlfriend experience : If you are curious to share a sexual encounter with a girlfriend watching Style drive her into a sexual frenzy, anticipating him touching your flesh. Or Perhaps you like to feel the combo attack of Style hands and hers hands across your sensual places

Thrill Of The Forbidden

  • At full strength, the sensation of guilt contains an element of discovery, the possibility of being discovered…by someone
  • Some people rob banks for the sheer thrill of getting away with it. Or, to put it another way, for the excitement of maybe being caught every suspense-thriller the clock ticks ominously…it is only a matter of time.
  • This idea of time running out on the guilty act heightens everything. It’s especially so when the guilty act is sex. Whether it’s the illicit affair in reality or a fantasy

Being watched or Getting Caught
Or by adding a touch of suspense with the implication that at any minute they could turn, and see what’s going on. The possibility of being seen, watched, discovered, can be more exciting than the actual presence of an audience.

Anyone who has ever made love in the warm sunlight of a(seemingly) secluded beach, or within earshot but out of sight of others, must admit the added excitement which the imminence of an audience brings to an already fine fuck…or she’s a liar.

The Stranger
Many women relish the idea of meeting up with a mystery man and going to some no-name motel with him for a wild night of uninhibited sex. Sometimes women feel like the only people they can truly let loose with are strangers simply because they won’t be judged.
Anonymity is fantasy’s best friend. It heightens romance and adds drama; it increases pleasure and eliminates guilt, fantasy’s enemy. Whether the concealing device be simply night’s darkness or a sudden power failure in the fantasy restaurant

“The idea of sharing a passionate night with a stranger and behaving like a sexual predator doesn’t just sound inviting; it sounds delicious. And leaving after we’re done without even knowing each other’s names is the best part.”

Sexual Ravishment

Although most women agreed that they fantasize about having a master, their role in the scenario differed. Whereas some women said that they would surrender to their master’s demands, others opposed the idea and said that they would resist and disobey his commands.

Amy said, “Having him instruct me on how to lick and suck his member or at what pace to ride him will make me orgasm faster than I can say Yes, Master.” On the other hand, Lilly interrupted saying, “It depends. In some fantasies I obey, yet in others I fight him and refuse to do anything he says until he finally ties me to the bed and calms me with his rhythmic penetration.”

Rape Fantasy
Although saying “rape fantasy” sounds somewhat unthinkable, that’s exactly what most women call it. They want to play the innocent, naïve, unknowing little girl who gets taken advantage of by the devious, predator-like man.

Forcibly pushing her against the wall and “pinning my arms above my head with one hand while the other hand has made its way under my skirt and is fondling my vagina,” received nods of approval by all the women in the room. Amy went even further expecting the man to “rip off my clothes, force open my legs, penetrate me, and concurrently smear my lipstick all over my face with his forceful kiss.” Hmmm, interesting.

This fantasy allows a woman to have the wild, dirty sex she craves, without having to suffer the guilt that often follows. These female sex fantasies usually involve a gorgeous man carrying her off to his bedroom and quickly getting down to business. She’ll protest as he tears her clothing off and expertly arouses her body, but on the inside, she’ll love every minute of it. This continues to the point of penetration, and leads her to an incredible orgasm despite her earlier protests.

Fear and terror
You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to understand that for some women who never reach an orgasm, it may have to do with their fear of letting go,fear of the helplessness, the lack of control, that goes with orgasm…you just have to be a woman.

For some women especially highly independent, self-contained women  who manage their lives unto themselves – the loss of this control must be terrifying, the experience of orgasm impossible without, and synonymous with,the terror.


Be afraid. Beware. Be careful because Style may decide to kidnap you, seizing you from your place of work, a crowded shopping centre, an anonymous taxi, or sitting quietly in your ‘secret’ room. Gagged, blindfolded, handcuffed you will be at the mercy of your captor. You will be interrogated endlessly and punished for every incorrect answer.

With your eyes blindfolded hear the clicking high heels of your captors as they pace up and down before you considering the next torment that you will be subjected to. The Touch of Style Kidnapping is safe and secure and our victims never escape.

BDSM Style Fantasies

Sultan and Harem

This tops the list of consensual nonconsensual roleplay. The medieval world has always been of interest to the realm of BDSM, and you would find several people who are interested in the roleplay of a Sultan and the harem slave. Of course, to add some more spice to the roleplay, you can always buy a Sultan’s attire and a harem slave’s attire. If you are thinking about the best harem slave attire, think Leia from the Jabba the Hut scene from Star Wars.


While most are quick to turn to Arabian and Asian roleplay when it comes to medieval BDSM roleplay, there are ample possibilities. Two of the most common are the aristocrat and the king, with the subject or the servant. Of course, this would require some kind of uniform and attire, which is not easily available, unless you are willing to spend a pretty penny.

Inquisitor/Innocent Woman

This is another popular roleplay scenario that is prevalent in the world of BDSM. To enact this scene, you would require a medieval priest’s attire and a ‘rags’ attire for the woman. You would also require some objects like a cage, or restraints, or disciplinary objects like a whip, cane, etc.

Animal Play
Animal Play is supposed to be a bit more intense and detailed as compared to the other roleplayers. Animal Play is the scenario where the submissive is treated like an animal. Generally, the submissive is treated as a pony or a dog.

Pony play
The submissive is treated as a “pony,” and fairly elaborate scenario can be constructed around the buying of a new pony, the humiliating rituals of checking teeth and genitals for health problems, and the teaching and learning of new gaits and tricks.

For example, the dominant can stand still with a crop, with the submissive on a tether (attached to a bit or even to nipple piercings), and have the submissive run in circles around the dominant until he or she reaches a constant speed for ‘walk’, for ‘canter’, for ‘gallop’, and so on. The crop can be used for ‘motivation’, “Get those knees up!” for example. For this type of pony play is that all you really need are a bit gag, some rope for reins, a ‘hitching post’, and space.A variant on this is adding a ‘pony tail’ (a fall of hair attached to a butt plug) which can be fun to comb, to braid, and even to tie bows in.

An interrogation scene is a role-playing scenario where one person knows some information that the other person is trying to find out. The trick to an interrogation scene is to have some specific piece of information, which the submissive partner knows but the dominant partner doesn’t.

A good way to do this is to shuffle a deck of cards and have the submissive secretly look at the top card in the deck; the dominant’s job then becomes to get the submissive to say what card it is.

A basic interrogation scene might start out with the dominant “capturing” and forcibly restraining the submissive, perhaps by stripping the submissive and tying the submissive to a chair or to the bed. The dominant then begins “torturing” the submissive to get the information. This “torture” can combine many of the ideas described here–clothespins, spanking, paddling, mock-“rape,” and so on.

If the submissive doesn’t turn over the information, the dominant can keep escalating the interrogation, gradually moving to more and more intense activity, until the submissive cracks and tells the dominant the information.

Night Security
The setting here is straightforward: the dominant is a security guard, and the submissive has committed some infraction–perhaps trespassing on secure property while walking home late one night.The security guard confronts the offender, and takes the offender back into the security room, where the offender is subject to a humiliating strip search. the security guard explains that standard policy is for the police to be notified and the offender is to be booked for criminal trespass, but that other arrangements can be made; at this point, wishing to avoid a night in jail, the offender does whatever the security guard instructs.

The Prize

In this scenario, the submissive is a dancer at an “anything goes” nightclub. As a special promotion, the club has sponsored a drawing; the winner of the drawing gets full and complete use of the stripper for an evening, and the stripper must allow the winner to do whatever he or she wants. The winner takes full advantage of the prize, using the stripper as a sex toy; the stripper must be completely obedient and allow the winner to do whatever the winner wishes, regardless of how the stripper feels about it.

Secret past
The submissive in this scenario has a secret past–some dark, shameful thing he or she has done, which his or her spouse absolutely, positively must never learn about. One day, a person out of this dark past shows up on the submissive’s doorstep, with photographs and videotape in hand, threatening to expose the submissive’s secret to his or her spouse. Desperate, the submissive bribes the blackmailer with sexual favors, trading sex for the secrecy. the blackmailer may make any demands on the submissive’s body; the submissive is forced to comply, or be exposed.

The Pirate
This is a basic roleplaying scenario. You’re the rapacious pirate plundering the village; she’s the innocent maiden in the local town. (It works particularly well if you have an eyepatch and a bandana.) She’s at home alone, minding her own business, when you come crashing through the door. She struggles, of course, but she’s helpless to resist you. Swooping down on her, you bodily rip her clothing from her and pin her against the wall. You hold her there by the wrists while you explain what you’re going to do to her. Then, finally, you ravish her until you’re thoroughly satisfied.

Dinner and a Show

This one explores the psychology of power exchange. One of you agrees to be the submissive for the evening; the other is the dominant, the maestro, the one whose word is law. You go out for an evening on the town–a formal dinner, perhaps, and maybe a movie afterward. The dominant should establish a few rules beforehand; for example, the submissive is not allowed to speak to or have any contact with anyone except the dominant. So, for example, when you’re ordering your meals in the restaurant, the submissive cannot tell the waiter what to bring; he or she must tell the dominant, who will then tell the waiter. (Or, you can turn this around; the dominant speaks to nobody except through the submissive.) Rules like this are fun to play with, because while the people around you may notice something is going on, the won’t know exactly what.

As the evening progresses, the dominant can find all kinds of delightfully subtle ways to tease the submissive. Perhaps the dominant will tell the submissive to go to the restroom and remove his or her underwear, the better to tease him or her in a darkened theater. The dominant can order the submissive not to come back out of the restroom until he or she has masturbated to high arousal.Or perhaps the submissive will have to wear a sex toy or anal plug of some sort under his or her clothes. Maybe during dinner the dominant can whisper to the submissive what will happen when they get back home.

The key to enjoying this kind of scenario is to keep it quiet it’s great fun if nobody else has the slightest idea what’s going on. (To an aroused submissive, it will seem like it’s obvious and that everybody knows what’s happening–and that’s part of the fun!)

Mad Scientist
In this game, the dominant is the evil mad scientist, and the submissive is his helpless experimental victim. The mad scientist (who for effect can be wearing rubber gloves and a disposable laboratory gown) has the subject tied to his examining table deep in the heart of his laboratory, and can perform all manner of experiments on her. He might, for example, probe her in various places using any one of a number of suitable laboratory instruments (vibrators are good for this). Perhaps while he’s doing that, he might put clothespins on her nipples, to see how they respond to compression.

Maybe he’ll want to experiment to see how long she can be stimulated without being allowed to climax. He could keep her there through the long hours of the night, conducting endless experiments to find out how many times she can climax, or how large a probe she can accept, or how deeply she can be penetrated…you get the idea.If you happen to be polyamorous, an interesting variant on this game is “Mad Scientist, Submissive Lab Assistant, and Innocent Victim.”

(good for female submissives)
This starts as a romantic evening at home. It can be dinner for two, or cocktails, or simply wine in front of the fireplace. In any event, after kissing, cuddling and necking for a while, she refuses to go farther. Slapping him, or pinching him in the middle of a clinch, should be last ditch actions.Finally he reaches his limit. When she rejects his demand that she “put out”, he ties her up, then has his way with her until she begs him for release.

Crime and Punishment
Make up some silly rules, the violation of which is grounds for arrest. One such “rule” might be Attempted Seduction; another could be Aggregated Sexiness, or Possession of a Dangerous Body. Or she can to wear hooker clothes, and stand on the corner of Driveway and Garage Door when he drives home. She makes him an offer, only to learn that he’s a vice cop.

In any case, she’s placed under arrest. He makes her “spread ’em”, frisks her, and ties her hands — it’s been a busy night, they’re out of handcuffs. This can also explain why she’s tied to a chair in the squad (bed) room instead of going to lockup. If she smarts off to the arresting officer, he might even gag her.Depending on your own particular tastes, she could get a bench trial and be sentenced to a spanking. Or she could bribe the officer with her body…

Switch Tease
Before anything gets underway, she ties his hands and blindfolds him. Then she puts on a sexy outfit that he likes her to wear. (Have you ever had to sit and listen to a woman change clothes?) When she’s ready, she removes the blindfold, and proceeds to tease her prisoner unmercifully with her body. At some point, of course, she makes a mistake. Perhaps his pleas to be allowed to touch her make her careless. In any event, he gets loose, seizes her in his strong, masculine arms, and proceeds to tie her up. He then drives her wild with desire, until, standing over his captive, he slowly strips . . . Okay, you get the idea.

These kinds of things all qualify as “doing” BDSM; there are endless variants on these ideas, and a whole rich territory outside these particular scenarios to explore. Some people might be interested in doing this sort of thing only occasionally, and alternate between who’s the dominant and who’s the submissive; other people like to make dominance and submission a full-time part of their lives. The point is to have fun with it; discover what arouses you and do it!

Exchange of Power
(Good for bondage fans, rather than Discipline fans)
She dresses in full Domme gear — black lace bustier, long gloves, stockings and high heeled boots — or a reasonable and affordable facsimile. She also needs a weapon — a whip is of course traditional, but a toy pistol could also be used. She struts out and confronts him, orders him about like a mere slave. Perhaps he goes along for a bit, lulling her into false security. Then he swings into action, knocking her talisman of power from her hand. Perhaps he gives her “The Kiss of the Petite Mort”–a kiss so romantically powerful that her will is completely sapped. Or if they want to play a little rougher, he simply clips her (lightly!) on the jaw, knocking her out. Then he ties her up. She struggles fetching in her unyielding bonds, demanding release until her gags her.

Then, slowly, he has his way with her helpless body . .

Playing Army
This one can be played either of two ways: Either the resistance fighter has been captured by the local garrison — tied to a chair and interrogated as to the location of the secret base — or the soldier has been caught by the local guerrillas, who are known for their ruthless treatment of the Occupation forces.

There are two costume choices. Either he puts on a “uniform” of dark green work pants, T-shirt and combat boots while she wears a partisenne costume of satin skirt, striped T-shirt, beret, and heels. Or he wears the beret and stripes as the Partisan while she wears a military-looking skirted suit with brass decorations and boots.Pick a war, pick a side, have fun with it. In any case, the captive should manage to seduce the guard and escape.

(Good for submissive females)
In this version, she’s the burglar — black leotard, black tights, high-heeled boots and mask. She sneaks into his apartment, and begins rummaging through his things. Suddenly the lights go on — she’s caught! He ties her up to hold her for the cops. She pleads with him, and offers *anything* if he will let her go. . . .

This is a complex role-playing scenario good for psychological interplay. In this scenario, one partner is possessed by a demon; the other partner is a member of the clergy called in to cast out the evil spirit.
The demon does not want to go, of course, and will do anything, up to and including trying to seduce the clergyman, to escape. Complicating the scenario is the fact that the person possessed by the demon is sexually chaste and naive, and is quite shocked by the things the demon is making him or her do; complicating it still further is the fact that the clergyman is also sexually naive and inexperienced.

So the evil demon forces a sexually timid person to seduce the inexperienced priest in some extremely vulgar and profane ways, much to the chagrin of the person whose body the demon has inhabited, and is using…

This scenario can allow you to really play up the virgin/whore dichotomy. It also allows for a great deal of very kinky humiliation play, where the person possessed by the demon will describe himself or herself in graphic and vulgar terms, and perform very kinky actions, while still trying to “resist” doing these things. Will the priest be able to cast out the demon before both people lose their purity? Probably not…

The Deprogramming
This is a scenario that’s similar in some ways. It’s also psychologically complex. One person is a brainwashed cult victim recently rescued from the clutches of a cult; the other is an unethical deprogrammer.

The deprogrammer is trying to undo the effects of the cult brainwashing. During this process, the cult victim becomes confused, and loses all perspective on the difference between right and wrong. The unethical deprogrammer takes advantage of the vulnerable cult victim by making the victim do things for the deprogrammer’s own twisted sexual gratification.


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