Contact Style

You can make an obligation-free enquiry with the form below, and you will be contacted to discuss your enquiry, prior to booking.

Be assured, your information is kept entirely confidential.
Style Guarantees 100% discretion

Please check the FAQ and appropriate sections before emailing questions

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Q. How to arrange your session/appointment by email?

A. When writing an e-mail please keep the e-mail reasonably brief
The e-mail’s basic structure could be

  • Your name (You may use an alias)
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your Location [the suburb/area for your booking]
  • Your Age Group
  • Your Fantasy/Scenario
  • Your preferred services or fetishes
  • The preferred day and time of booking
  • The Length of Your Booking
  • Any hard limits (Things you absolutely will NOT do)
  • Health and Safety: Prescribed Medications, allergies Any medical conditions (it is important to let me know if you have any health problems or issues as this can affect the session or equipment used)
  • If you are HIV Positive or any others Sexual Transmitted Diesease or infections  – YOU MUST TELL US – this is for the protection of everyone.  We will not discriminate in any way, simply take measures to make sure everyone is protected.

Q. Why Email and Not Mobile?

A. I prefer not to have to chase my clients or have my clients chase me as I am unavailable while I am ‘working’
You have probably had the experience of trying to chase someone on the phone so you leave message, they ring you but you are out so they leave a message, you call them, leave a message.  Again and Again and Again…..

It wastes your time
It also helps to screen out the small percentage Fake Callers and Pranksters allowing me to devote my time and energy to You

Q. What if I want to ring you?


  • I will give my contact number to accepted patrons and repeat patrons
  • I generally prefer communications and questions via email unless urgent, cancelations or changes
  • I check email at Lunch 12pm and 4pm
  • Same-day and short notice bookings are possible but never guaranteed
  • All sessions must be confirmed by phone, at the latest 1 hour before the appointment.
  • Calls are not taken from private or unidentifiable numbers.

Overnight, Long and Travel Sessions may require a deposit as a session confirmation

I will send a reply email which will allow you to update you details

Q.What happens if I am only available on a certain time and day?
A. I will normally arrange a session time that is suitable for everybody

Q. I don’t know where to start, what to do, or what booking to make. Can you help me?

A. Remember, this experience is all about you: what you want and what you desire. This site is designed to fuel your imagination. Take your time, and let your mind wander.

Here are a few things for you to think about:

  • You decide when and where you want to see Style. You may want him to visit you at your home, or you may prefer to book a Hotel room where Style will meet you.
  • You may choose to incorporate dining or an outing into your experience.
  • How long you book Style is entirely up to you. Most clients book an average of 2? hours. This depends largely upon what you are wanting from your experience.
  • Whether you want Style all to yourself, or whether you want to share him with one or more of your girlfriends, or whether you want to experience him pleasure you in the presence of your lover, again the choice is yours.
  • As far as Extras and Fantasies go, you can draw both from Your Imagination and Style’s  Menu to decide on what you want to include in your experience.

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